December 17

Here Are 20 Ways YouTube Can Help Your Business

Most Internet marketing pros know that, when used effectively in business, YouTube is a great way to build SEO. But we also know that to build your brand, there’s no better tool than YouTube. We also find that YouTube is among the most under-appreciated – and perhaps most misunderstood – of the social media sites. In fact, it’s one of the most popular and most visited websites in the entire world.

YouTube’s not just for posting ridiculous videos of used lawn tractors — it can also be used as a highly effective business tool. You can use it to show off your expertise, share knowledge, market your products and connect with customers, colleagues and prospects. Here are our top 20 favorite uses for YouTube in B2B.

  • Upload recordings of presentations you’ve given to demonstrate your thought leadership.
  • Share slides from presentations that weren’t recorded.
  • Create short videos of tips of interest to your clients and prospects to show off your expertise.
  • Conduct an interview with an expert.
  • Engage with the YouTube community by leaving comments and uploading video responses to videos on topics related to your business or industry.
  • Enhance your videos using YouTube’s special features, such as annotations, audioswap, insight, language options and quick capture.
  • Record an important meeting to share with employees, customers and others, as appropriate.
  • Set up a channel to reflect your brand and engage with others. Here’s an example from The White House.
  • Choose a name that reflects your brand for your channel URL.
  • Add your channel URL to all of your marketing collateral and social network sites or profiles.
  • Post customer video testimonials to add to your credibility.
  • Post Oscars idea: Put together a creative video explaining your product or service or show your product in action using movie trailer-style: fast, creative, catchy.
  • Promote your events using recordings of previous events.
  • Take viewers on a tour of your offices and/or city to help them feel more connected with you.
  • Add call-to-action overlays to your videos to drive traffic to your web site.
  • Measure your channel’s performance with the integrated Google Analytics and YouTube Insight. Take this further and measure campaign against campaign, or video against video.
  • Create “how to” videos to help your customers use your product or service.
  • Post solutions to common product or service problems.
  • Answer customer-specific questions using videos. Imagine how impressed a customer would be if you point them to a video with an answer!
  • Embed videos on your web site on appropriate pages.

Have you used YouTube (or other social media sites) for creative campaigns for your wall mounted jewelry armoire? If so, share your experiences!

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