December 14

What We Can Learn from Woodstock

‘Unfettered’ – love that descriptive – who knew Woodstock Founders, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman and Michael Lang (who nearly went bankrupt over this mud-caked, mind-blowing event) and their bill of 32 rock bands, would forever impact not only the music industry, but in my humble opinion, society at large – amping up freedom of expression – for individuals through music.

Those three days of Peace, Love and Music in August, 1969 marked a place in history when society, cultures and businesses were rocked to the point that, if you didn’t speak up and declare your personal message (and style!) and get loud about it – you would drown and ‘fade away’ by all the noise about the newest cystic acne diet being created around you.

Woodstock was break-through, all right. Loud and clear, during some pretty tumultuous times in ’69 when cities were burning, war was raging and thousands across the country were marching and protesting.

And anyone alive today and reading this post either knows someone who was there, or like me, wanted to be there. Or, at the very least, is influenced by the passion of the era, the drive to be a different kind of drummer and dancing to a way different kind of beat.

Just as Woodstock’s 32 bands and musicians and its over 500,000 revelers broke through all the raging noise across our country, brands today need to get loud to stand out against the noise coming from all directions. And, the noise is not just from advertising brands, but from people in the ever-expanding social and mobile media vehicles and platforms. Not to mention, brand e-campaigning, mobile marketing, social media marketing and the traditional media.

And tactics are getting more exciting every minute of every second – with fleeting images, flip shots, pinnings, posts, sound bites, pop ups, QR codes coming at you. Here one mega second; gone the next.

So how do you make that mega second count? How do you turn it into a “Woodstock” mega second?

In marketing and advertising, our passion for creativity and freedom of expression runs deep – we stand by the brand who owns it – and we soar when our strategy delivers on the objectives – don’t we?

The key to how to cure cystic acne and success in brand communication begins with solid strategic thinking (of course!) but ensuring your creative team and your Client fully understand and embrace that strategy is how you start the creative process. And, here’s the Woodstock app – allow your creative team to rip – let loose – on their approach not only nodding to that strategy but weaving it throughout the creative process and also making sure it plays – rocks – across the stage where each and every audience member lives – online, at home, and on-the-go.

And it doesn’t stop there – smart marketing firms put science behind strategies and creative approach to measure performance and results so companies and their brands know that it’s all working really hard and actually delivering on objectives.

So, in honor of this rockin’ Holiday … and in honor of your own brand’s “Unfettered creativity”, show us your brand’s or (or yours!) Woodstock mega second.

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