November 26

Why Women Get More Stressed and How to Prevent It


Women are more prone to stress because of the many roles they play in life: as career woman, wife, mother, daughter, and friend. Women work way beyond the 9-to-5 shift, often having to rush home to cook dinner, help the kids with homework, and prepare the next day’s office attire for the hubby. The stress and anxiety caused by endless tasks and impossible deadlines in a high-speed, high-tech world has made women’s lives a living web of complexity.

Stress is a combination of fatigue, restlessness, depression, over-focusing, and over-all gloominess that is a consequence of overwork and other domestic or personal problems.

But there’s still hope for over-worked, stressed women. Here are some practical ways for women to reduce and manage work-related stress:

  1. Put up relaxing scenes within your sight. It could be a poster or a small painting with beautiful scenery. You can even download screen savers of beaches, waterfalls, clear lakes and other scenes that help create a serene mood.
  2. Get organized. Use stick-on note pads. Color-code your notes, read a Rowenta pu6020 review, set an “alarm” in your computer to remind you of priority tasks. The key is to know what to do first.
  3. Time out. As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Take some time out. Take a breather. If you are tight on money and can’t really afford to do too much, you can at least take some time for good relaxation at home with nothing that you need to worry about.
  4. Rearrange your workstation. Add a “homey” look to your workstation, put up photo frames of your family or favorite pet. Whenever you feel stressed out just glance at their happy faces–and hopefully you’ll find yourself smiling back!
  5. Get a plant. Studies show that looking at something green like a plant helps soothe your eyes after facing the computer monitor all day or after reading for a long time. Focusing on a green plant will have a soothing effect.
  6. Exercise. Walking, climbing the stairs, or going out to run helps fight stress. Physical activity help get rid of tension. During a workout, your body releases endorphins which helps your body to relax. Endorphins also act as natural painkillers.
  7. De-clutter. A cluttered workstation adds to your stress. Make your work environment more appealing by organizing your things and throwing away things you no longer need. You can also try using a white noise machine at night to help you sleep better.
  8. Set boundaries. Communicate and assert yourself, make your co-workers know when you are more available for chit-chat—or when you mean business.
  9. Lessen your caffeine intake. Caffeine is popularly known as a stimulant, but too much of it adds to stress and may even lead to depression. So even if you don’t think that you can make it up in the morning without a cup of Joe, try it just one day and then work from there.
  10. Eat a good breakfast. Don’t skip meals even if you are in a hurry. Studies shows that if you make it a practice to eat breakfast every day, your body gets more the needed proteins to give you an energy boost to face the working day.
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