November 24

Which Plugins Should You Use on Your Blog?


One of the primary reasons WordPress has become as successful as it is today is because of its flexibility.  In particular, extending the ability of WordPress through plugins is one of the best ways to make your blog yours by customizing it to your like. There are so many different things that you can do that it would be next to impossible to two different blogs to be totally alike!

Some of these plugins make changes to the design of your blog or add tools to make the experience on your blog better for readers.  Others enhance the back-end and make the writing process and SEO functions much easier to deal with.

So what are the 11 must-have plugins for your WordPress blog about finding the best air purifier? Before going any further, it’s important to realize that not all plugins are for every website. Sometimes you may need only a few of these, sometimes you may need them all, and sometimes you may have a need for a ton of other programs that aren’t on this list.

  • Akismet – This helps to prevent spam and is unbelievably good. It comes standard with all WordPress installs but if you don’t have it for some reason or deleted it, get it now.
  • All in One SEO Pack – Optimize your blog for search engines to find and index you quickly
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Another plugin that does an amazing job in the world of SEO
  • TinyMCE Advanced – 15 extra tools available to you when writing a blog post
  • TweetMeme Button – Make it easier to get your posts retweeted
  • com Popular Posts – A simple way to get a widget with your most popular posts. You can also customize how that list is made.
  • com Stats – In addition to Google Analytics, this is a quick way to get an update on who comes to your blog and the posts they read
  • PollDaddy Polls & Ratings – I use PollDaddy for polls and surveys. They have free and paid accounts but I find that the free one does more than I need at this stage.  This plugin makes PollDaddy easier to use
  • WPtouch iPhone Theme – Anyone visiting your blog from an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, WebOS, BlackBerry, or Opera Mini will see a customized version. It runs in the background without interrupting anything so there’s no reason not to use it.
  • Contact Form 7 – Let your readers contact you with this plugin. It takes a few moments to set up but once it’s up, it works as expected
  • Simple Tags – Auto-generate tags and edit your posts’ tags in batches with this. Awesome plugin.

Do you use any of these plugins on your blog?  If so, what is your experience with them?  What other plugins do you use?

Help your fellow bloggers out choose the right sleep mask.  Share with us the plugins you use to make the blogging experience a better one. I think that if we all work together, it will be much easier for all of us to have successful blogs running.

Update: One of the commenters below (Ayaz) asked about plugins for social bookmarking.  Here are links to three different social bookmarking plugins: SexyBookmarks, Sociable, and Social Bookmarks.

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