December 1

Have You Considered a Scotts Mower?


Scotts are the makers of premium quality riding mowers. They also offer a wide range of push mowers, electric mowers, mulching mowers, but their forte lies in making durable riding mowers. Scotts lawn mowers are manufactured by a number of companies, namely John Deere and Murray. Hence, if you have questions regarding Scotts lawn mower parts and service, contact the manufacturer.

Scotts has a history of producing durability and quality used riding lawn mowers. It’s mainly due to the fact that their mowers are produced and designed by John Deere, a brand famous for manufacturing good mowers and tractors for over 180 years. Scotts reel mowers are an exceptional, emission-free, environmentally-friendly alternative to gas powered models. Furthermore, it is easier and safer to use than gas mowers and easy to maintain.

If you are looking for Scotts lawn mower parts and don’t see your part listed, it is very possible that your mower was built by Murray or John Deere. Don’t be discouraged though. There are a lot of sites on the web that feature Scotts lawn mower parts made by the OEM for the consumers’ convenience. Generic replacement parts should be the last thing on your mind, even as a temporary option. Cheaper brands equate to low quality parts with practically non-existent warranties. It’s wise to steer clear of any lawn replacement parts with exaggerated price cuts.

Lawn mower parts maintenance should be one of your priorities if you happen to own a mower as good as Scotts, and if you want to ensure the life of your equipment. Cleanliness is essential. There are some lawn mower parts that need special care, so make it a point to have them checked at least once a year. Below are some useful tips on how you can properly care for your mower parts:

1 – Blades.

Keeping your blades sharpened is important. They mow the grass and do the dirty work for you. To keep your blades in good shape, regularly check them before use. Sharpen or replace your blades if you see them dull, irregular, or blunt. Typically blades are replaced at least once a year.

2 – Tires.

A tire change can make a world of difference, and the willingness to invest in new tires can greatly expand your available choices of used lawn riding lawn mowers for sale. Consider the area that needs to be mowed. Is it a paved road, or an open field? What kind of terrain or lawn are you going to work with? Common concerns with tires are damage due to hits, or punctured with inner tube.

3 – Engines.

Care is needed to ensure prolonged engine life. Here, dirt is our number one enemy, for it hampers engine performance. Dirt build up will clog your filter, reducing the amount of air available to your engine. This causes the fuel to thicken, which in turn will result to increased fuel consumption, or burnt valves from an overheated engine. One way of preventing this is to regularly clean the air cleaners that filter dirt.

4 – Batteries.

Batteries are relatively easy to maintain and will function properly for a long time, if properly used. To give your batteries a long life, avoid leaving the contact key turned on for long periods otherwise your battery will discharge in just a few hours.

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