December 11

Understanding QR Codes in Today’s Business World

In today’s social media-focused world, it seems like everything is in code. If you text or IM (instant message) you need to know what terms like LOL (laughing out loud), BTW (by the way), or IMHO (in my humble opinion) mean to conduct a conversation.  If you aren’t active in text-speak, it may seem like everyone is communicating like they are from a galaxy far, far away.

QR Codes or “Quick Response Codes” are arguably the next big thing in promotional marketing but you don’t have to learn a new “language” to understand the Holset HX35.  You may have noticed the distinct two-dimensional barcodes on billboards and print ads, displays, business cards, and/or websites and been confused.

Is it some sort of UPC code? Is it a tracking device? No and no. A QR Code is a matrix barcode that is readable by QR scanners, mobile phones with a camera, and smart phones. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on white background, and the information encoded can be text, a URL or other specific data.  Here’s an example:

All that is needed is a camera phone or smart phone with the correct reader application and the user is ready to go.  They simply scan your code with their phone and, voila! They instantly receive custom information and links to whatever you want them to see – text, coupons, contact information, links to a Web pages or connections to wireless networks.

The possibilities are endless and completely up to you.  You can put your code on a t-shirt or a building, wherever you think your audience is most likely to see it and respond to it.

You’re probably thinking, this sounds great but what are the real benefits? Well, instead of posting a lot of information that your targeted audience is likely to forget before they are able to use it, a QR code makes communicating as easy as snapping a photo. It gives instant access to your customer or potential customer in a way that is convenient for them and shows you are on the cutting edge.

Finally, it is 100 percent measurable. You can track and analyze your results to avoid any guesswork. QR Codes are a valuable tool for marketing because they provide a great deal of precision to calculate ROI and justify market spends. You can track and analyze your results to avoid any guesswork, and getting it right the first time is XLNT.

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