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Sending Payment Reminders via Fax – A Smart Move?


Payment Reminders via Fax

Fax is short form for facsimile, which is also termed as telefax. Transfer of scanned or printed materials is done through telephone which is connected to a printer. Document which needs to be sent is first scanned with the help of fax machine, which processes the content of the document into bitmap. This is then transmitted through telephone.

On the other side, receiving fax machine reconverts the coded images and text of the document in a printing paper. Today, fax machines are having huge competition from other internet based alternatives. But it still holds an advantage over other alternatives, when it comes to sensitive materials which may have chances of leakage when transferred by other internet based alternatives – especially when the clients have a cat peeing on the bed. Hence payment reminders via fax are as necessary and in use even today as any other means of reminder.

Payment reminders via fax are essential for companies to maintain collection and financial position in the market, keep the payment regarding information as private and behind the doors as possible. It makes a point that the document as important as such is not disclosed to the whole world and keeps it away from fraud. Also, it helps to maintain the corporate relations.

Payment reminders by fax are very important specially while dealing with clients and business partners. Various letters needs to be sent with the official logo and stamp in the company’s letterhead when payment process goes on. Letters for price for the particular product or services, overdue of payment, late charges that must be paid, is sent via fax to clients.

While preparing a letter one needs to give heed to lots of aspect as, there are times when the recipients of fax feel the pressure to reply. Lack of personal touch might create bad impression as most of the time people are busy giving priority to being professional.

Anger should not be shown in the letter as this might worsen the communication, misunderstanding is common with the use of words as two sides will be interpreting on their own perception, information should not be overloaded which might make the recipients of the letter bored. Hence these are few things that need to be kept in mind while payment reminder via fax is being sent.

These reminders can be of four different categories as highlighted below:

  • First reminder for a Daytona Beach photographer should be short and friendly.
  • Second reminder is a follow up to the first reminder. This is more direct and straight forward than the first one.
  • Third reminder is sent when second reminder goes unnoticed. It usually demands payment within the given time period as discussed while the deal was done.
  • Even if the third reminder goes unnoticed, attorney’s suggestions and legal proceeding will be started after a certain date.

With these four categories of payment reminders by fax, one can easily follow up the clients and business partners whose dues and over dues are making negative impact on the company’s financial condition and corporate relations.

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