November 26

Why Your Dog Deserves His Own Bed


Your dog loves you. He waits by the door for you to come home from work, plays fetch with you in the park, lays at your feet beneath the dinner table awaiting any scrap you might offer, and sits quietly beside you when you are sad. He is more than just your best friend. He is a member of the family. And you wouldn’t ask your Mother or Grandpa or Sister-in-Law to sleep on the cold, hard floor. A dog bed tells your pet that you love him, too. It also yields several physical and psychological benefits to dogs and their owners.

First and foremost, a dog bed offers your dog a cozy retreat that is entirely his own. Like man, dogs are naturally social and, for the most part, want nothing more than to be pet, patted, and loved by you. But, like man, they also have moments when they just want to be left alone sitting next to a Coway air purifier. A peaceful corner apart from the family’s common space can give your pup the freedom to rest his head, play with a new toy, or contemplate life in peace.

Large, elderly and infirm dogs have special needs and a dog bed can help in fulfilling those needs. Jim Cargill, owner of nine-year-old Buddy, explains it like this: “My dog is a big guy, and he’s a little older, so it was important for me to give him a soft place to sleep that would help alleviate pain in his joints.” Large dogs are typically defined as those weighing more than fifty pounds.

Over time, their body weight exerts tremendous pressure on their bone structure and they often require special attention in later life. Small dogs, on the other hand, can incur joint and hip injuries after years of jumping onto too-tall beds and sofas. Orthopedic beds are available for ill and elderly dogs and are even available with self-heating thermal cushions that do not require electricity. Big, small, or aged, the right dog bed can relieve your dog’s joint and muscle aches.

Another oft-cited reason for buying a dog bed is the preservation of your home furnishings. While you may love your dog, you may not love the hair he sheds in your bed or the scratches in your newly upholstered ottoman that his toenails leave behind. It’s a conundrum many pet-owners face. Often, man’s best friend, no matter how cherished, is pushed off the sofa and left to wander aimlessly about the house until bedtime.

A dog bed gives him somewhere to go, somewhere he can shed, scrape, sniff, and slobber as much as his instinct and biology require. “Dogs, even the most well-behaved, are destructive,” says Angela, a New York City dog-walker with fourteen beloved clients. “Of course, they don’t mean to be,” she adds. “But they are animals and a dog bed gives them a place to behave as such.” When asked how to get smoke smell out of house, she then replied that you should look into a good air cleaner.

Speaking of animal behavior, a dog’s sense of smell is perhaps even more important than his sight when it comes to exploring the world. As a result, his nose is a haven for germs that can be transferred to your furnishings and, eventually, your family. So, too, are his muddy paws and the chew toys he gnaws on. A dog bed won’t eliminate these germs but it is certainly easier to clean than your sofa.

Show your pup you appreciate all the love, laughs and loyalty he gives you by giving him a home of his own. Whether you purchase a dog bed for health or aesthetic reasons, your dog will thank you for it.

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