November 27

Do You Need to Worry About Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis is the decrease in bone mineral density and found to be mostly occurring among post-menopausal women. This condition makes the bone brittle and be more prone to fractures. However, in every rule there is an exception. At a lower rate, anyone can be at risk of getting osteoporosis.  Even younger men or women can have this bone disease if their lifestyles are in the list of the osteoporosis hazards.

In the development of osteoporotic bones, hormonal factors come into first consideration. Obviously, in menopause, the lack of hormone estrogen is the culprit for the evolution of this disease. This result in increased bone demineralization; thus, decreased bone mass. Second, is hereditary a factor? It is believed that there is a strong genetic predilection in the development of osteoporosis. These are considered the “anticipated” risk factors; they may come to one’s life anytime without being dependent on his or her lifestyle.

The risks never stop there. The importance of how you live your life during your childhood affects your bones now. Did you use a classic Kanken backpack for school or one which didn’t offer nearly as much support? This is the checklist to look at in order to assess your level of getting osteoporosis. Acquiring it because of your lifestyle is more of blaming the fault to yourself than to natural events like decreased estrogen or heredity.  Let’s start on how you watched your diet.

Looking back at your school age years, if you enjoyed calcium rich diet, then that was great. However, if you haven’t absorbed much calcium during childhood and probably hated broccoli, then this was a big demerit for good bones in the future.

Absorbing enough calcium is much needed in the developing bones. Remember that calcium makes up 99% of our bones and if you lack calcium during childhood, then you might be having problems when you mature.

Next to consider is your level of activity during those times. Are you the type of kid who wants to play out in the sun, or are you the type who wants to stay indoors and play board games or watch TV all day long? Vitamin D deficiency is one reason that causes osteoporosis. Why is this important?  It is needed for good absorption of calcium in the bloodstream to be delivered and incorporated to the growing bones.

What does playing out in the sun has to do with all these? UV rays from direct sunlight react to the precursor of Vitamin D on human skin. If one has not enough sun exposure, natural Vitamin D production (that doesn’t need to be taken Osteoporosis 2from foods) is decreased. Moreover, muscle mass is a good protection for the bones. When outdoor exercise is increased as early as childhood, and muscle mass is well developed, there is a great chance that an individual can mature with healthy bones. However, the reverse will create the risk for osteoporosis.

Moving years later, you may check on your teenage years to early adulthood. Have you start drinking alcohol, soft drinks and coffee? Alcohol and drinks containing caffeine are diuretics. They increase urine formation and urination. Dehydration is normally developed as part of this diuretic process from alcohol and caffeine.

Many nutrients including Vitamin B complex and calcium are believed to be dragged along with the concentrated urine. Calcium deficit ensues and put an individual at risk of osteoporosis. Soft drinks on the other hand, have phosphoric acid that may displace calcium absorption; thus, adding to the risk factors.

Recall when you started smoking. Tobacco smoking, and nicotine inhalation poses great risk in decreasing one’s bone mass. Nicotine inhibits the young bone cells known as osteoblasts and additionally breaks down estrogen in the blood which all adds to the risk of developing osteoporosis.

After going through your lifestyle checklist, you might want to really check what is going on right now with your bones and maybe even look into getting an air purifier for pet allergies if you suffer from those as well. A test known as DEXA or the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry is a gold standard for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. Visiting an orthopedist or a rehab med doctor would be a essential to finally diagnose if you really have acquired the disease to start on the treatment as soon as possible.

Osteoporosis is a disease that can be prevented as early as childhood. Usually, nutritional and lifestyle factors are the main reasons for developing structural diseases such as osteoporosis. If you think you have an unhealthy lifestyle since your younger years, it is never too late to start renewing your habits now. This disease will cripple your bones as you age, so before you form further malformations and fractures, eat right, exercise right and consult your bone specialist.

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