January 21

What Keeps You Going?

Entrepreneurs have an uncanny ability to keep going and be visionary. Most of the nation collectively has this ability at the turn of the year. But now that we are just one month into the year, most of the will power has been sapped. McDonalds is busy again, cigarette sales are back to normal and thankfully gyms are empty again (or so my friends tell me!) This is what separates entrepreneurs from everyone else – ‘bouncability’

I always find it depressing that the ‘worst day’ of the year is the third Monday of January. The thing I find depressing is that it is so close to the beginning of the year. I love January – even though the weather has this year sorely tested that love.

The thing I admire most about entrepreneurs is that never ending enthusiasm they have for projects and they are living embodiment of that quote “success is how high you can jump from your last failure” – even when doing something boring like writing inversion table reviews.

So how do you keep going?

Never stop believing in yourself. Really tough at times. Over the last few years, I have had a real roller coaster of a journey with business. My self-belief took a knock – but never a dive.

Remember that the line between success and failure is very thin. Sometimes luck and timing does play a part in your success. My biggest success to date is that one company. Yet this business came about because of huge dollops of luck. To deny this is arrogance. But yes, lots of things happened to ensure that when the opportunity arose I was able to take advantage. But in that sense we make ourselves willing recipients of luck!

Keep yourself fresh. I find going to the gym a real struggle and mostly I fail! But it is a proven way to keep your emotions in a good place. Other ways include reading new books, cooking something new, going out to watch a movie. Anything will do.

Work with great people. The best thing I learned from that experience was that when you work with truly great people who are experts in their field – you get the leverage effect. Your time is the most precious resource – so spend it wisely

Make sure you meet your friends on a regular basis. I always feel recharged about life after a good chat with friends.

Most of all, be honest with yourself and make sure you remain enthused about your business and the quality of the Honeywell 18155 review that you wrote. I do think that sometimes we feel compelled to carry on supporting something, long after we have lost its allure. If you are at this point, find someone else to run it.

But the best tip I would urge you to follow is to set yourself monthly resolutions. Hope springs eternal! Just like New Year resolutions lets you set aside the failures of last year – and start again, why not just do it on a monthly basis.

By constantly revisiting your successes and failures, you can make more timely changes which will allow you to alter your trajectory going forward – meaning you don’t have to continue failing for any long periods of time.

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