December 8

Should You Use Chain or Welded Kennels?

Chain Link vs Welded Wire Kennels

There has been much discussion in the dog kennel industry between which is better, chain link or welded wire dog kennel. Both kennel types have their advantages and disadvantages, so here are the pros and cons for both types:

Chain Link Dog Kennels:

Pros- Chain link dog kennels are the least expensive to purchase. If you’re having problem figuring out how to get rid of cat urine smell around your home, these chain fences can also be used to keep cats away from problem areas.

Cons- The wire used in chain link dog kennels is soft in order to be bent into the links that form the mesh. This softness is a major drawback as many large or aggressive breeds of dogs can bite through this soft wire or actually push the links apart as shown in the photos on the right. The ends of the wire are exposed to the dog and can puncture or cut the dog very easily.

Many chain link companies require you to stretch the chain link onto the frame which takes several people to do properly. Many people have purchased a chain link dog kennel only to find it was beyond their skills to assemble it properly and end up returning the kennel to the store for a refund. Some dog kennel manufacturers now offer chain link dog kennels in pre-fabricated panels, however this does not solve the problem of the wire being soft and prone to damage by your dog.

Another issue is many communities have zoning ordinances prohibiting the use of chain link dog kennels. If you live in a housing association or gated community, check with the local officials to make certain that style of kennel is permitted.

Welded Wire Dog Kennels:

Pros- High strength as the welded wire is welded at each joint, making it difficult, but not impossible to break the welds and forcing the wire apart. Each of the ends of the welded wire should be encased in the frame of the kennel, so the dog cannot be cut by wire ends. Welded wire kennels are made in prefabricated panels, making assembly very easy. That means they’re not very effective solutions for how to get cat pee out of carpet.

Cons- Higher price that chain link kennels. Be sure to check the thickness or gauge of the wire used. The lower the gauge number, the thicker and stronger the wire is. Caution, many welded wire dog kennels are being shipped into the USA from China of questionable quality under American sounding names.

Check with the company who is selling the kennel for the Country of Origin. If the sales staff can’t answer all of your questions without having to check on it and call you later, find another supplier who can answer your questions. Another issue with China made dog kennels is replacement parts. If you purchase these kennels from a large retailer who stocks these imported kennels, you will find replacement parts takes weeks if ever to get.

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