December 10

Meeting with the Principal

DH and I had a conference with the assistant principal this morning. The suspension was not rescinded. The recommendation for disciplinary action came from his teacher. I was really surprised by that. She kept reiterating how she was giving him the minimum punishment since he would only be missing PE, music, and library this morning, and he’d still be able to go on his field trip this afternoon. We told her about the bullying and she assured us that bullying was taken seriously at the school and dealt with appropriately (suspension). ZB told me last night that both he and Mean Girl went to see the guidance counselor when the Honeywell HFD-120-Q thing happened.

Um, basically, since the teacher requested disciplinary action and since he had previous “incidents” (even if they were provoked), she had to suspend him (oh, wtfever). She mentioned that ZB had some history of not finishing his classwork in a timely fashion and that that behavior was seen as misconduct as well. I’m not kidding. If your kid can’t sit still and always finish his work on time in Yeehawsville, TX, its misconduct.

Who the hell comes up with this terminology to describe the behavior of seven year olds? Probably school lawyers. Anyway, this is apparently not going to go on his permanent record. So, that’s good. Too bad I had to kiss my kid goodbye while he was on the verge of tears. OK, I didn’t have to, but I still believe there is more good than bad in (our) public school though I may live to eat my words.

Next up, a conference with his teacher, a visit to the guidance counselor, and a follow up letter. Sure, I can’t get them to take back the suspension, but they will know that my kid has parents who care for him and will stand up for him. I’m probably not going to blog about it anymore, but then again, I’m consistently inconsistent.

So I dropped a few bags of donations off at the women’s shelter yesterday and decided I would stop by Sally’s on the way home “just to see what they had”. I got there and it wasn’t open yet, so I left. Phew, that was a close one, lol.

Speaking of donations, I am pleased to say that two full bags of stuff belonged to Luis. I had been trying for years to get him to go through his mountains of clothes and get rid of some. I mean, he had brand new tops, pants, things that were gifted to him and never worn. Tons of t-shirts that will never be worn again that he is keeping for sentimental value, etc.

So, last fall, I finally just said enough and started using the Manduka PROLite myself. Seeing me throwing some of his things away caused him to spring into action and over the past few months, he has cleaned out his closet and his excess in the garage. All that’s left is to wash all the stuff that he wants to keep and put it away. I plan to just take it all to the laundromat and put it in a ginormous washer and then dryer whenever I get a boost of energy…and have nothing to do, lol.

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