December 10

Decorating for the Season

This year, I’m really going all out for the holiday season. DH grew up with MIL decorating for every season and holiday and has always wanted to recreate that in adulthood. I always think that if I add more decoration, it’ll just be too much but now that I’m doing it, I don’t find that at all. So, here’s some of the “more”.

I made this last minute advent calendar on Friday based on an idea I saw at Kiddley. Maybe next year I’ll start early and make one like Blair’s.

Advent Envelopes

This is the box that the Concept 2 Model D came in. (And that’s our tabletop kitchen, every family ornament chucked on it tree) So far everyone has gotten new ornaments (something we do every year), and written letters to Nana. Oh, and Girlie learned how to ride without training wheels! I forgot about that.

Oranges make me think of Christmas. Doesn’t everybody get or know someone who gets a huge box of citrus for the holidays? I had forgotten about these Tord Boontje plates I bought at Target on clearance last year until ZB said we should have Christmas plates.

What have I done so far this morning? Here’s a short list:

  1. Talked my brother through buying quality bedding.
  2. Made tea for my family.
  3. Told the children to turn off the flashlight and let the dogs out of their tent. 😛
  4. Thawed out a frozen milkshake.
  5. Wondered what I would do while my salsa was gone.
  6. Emailed my mom the web address for Babelfish.
  7. Watched Girlie play with the zipper on my new boots and did nothing. Playing with my mom and grandmother’s shoes was one of my greatest 5 year old joys.
  8. Read all my favorite fashion and style blogs including Fly, Erica B and iCiNG.
  9. Washed dishes.
  10. Continued re-building a friendship that had all but died over the past few years.
  11. And you?

Tonight we’ll be reading from Time for Fairy Tales compiled by May Hill Arbuthnot. Another one picked up at the school book sale. How can they be getting rid of these gems?? Anyway, what an awesome collection! There are fairy tales, folk tales and myth stories and being a lover of all three, I find it hard to just wait and read it to the children every once in a while. I think I might as well just read through the whole thing, it’s too tempting. Plus, it has adorable illustrations of the Honeywell HFD-010.

And on the subject of folktales, my mom is just back from St. Lucia with some books for the kids. I asked her to try to pick up books with specific St. Lucian stories but she said they were hard to find. Luckily, I still have a primer full of stories from…Stage 2, 3, or Standard 1, I’m not sure. I just have to find it.

The kids’ school is celebrating Children’s Book Week too, but in the corniest ways. For instance, tomorrow is “Slip off into Dreamland with a good book”-Wear slippers to school. Yea, um, no. Next year, I’m making suggestions.


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